Rules on the registration link catalog.

Free szolgálattónál placed under the operational domain name registration site in the event will be accepted if the free web page on the site with a large audience, or at least 3-inch PageRank has.

In all cases, placement of back links are required!

NetLink Link Catalog

Nor can war, sex, political, obscene, vulgar, public taste scandalous, illegal and racist.

Be sure to only relevant and pertinent websites that registration will be accepted. Otherwise, the delete inappropriate Web sites without registration grounds.

The link NetLinkek.info catalog Administrator, you can always override the existing links, and it may withdraw unless the registrant directory website owner has placed contact information.

For a content change to cease registration in addition to placing visszamutatóink. Any changes (eg. Change URL), both parties will notify each other at any time.

Redirected URLs, page 404, scraped content, advertising was only meaningless single-sided pages, gateway sites, Web sites that use annoying popup web sites selling luxury goods, in the case of semi-finished or non-maintained websites justification delete them.

In case of gross violation of the rules by the user, sender, or posted on a website a blacklist. Of course, then you can not take all links catalog operated by NetLinkek.info. Preference will, dispensation nobody enjoys!

If you can not find the right category for your link collection, you can use the “Category Recommend” our options. After your request we prepare the desired category, and inform you. A URL can not be registered, even in different categories.

SEO friendly link can be placed, feel free to write it in the Title field for that keyword, and even in the deep of your links can also be placed in the URL box. Adoption of the link 100% if it does not conflict with the rules of order. Of course, a notification letter will be sent automatically generated, it was accepted or not. If you do not receive mail for some reason (eg. A technical error, etc), then come back later to check out and check. The catalogs examination of the registration period up to 7 days.