How To Pursue A Nursing Home Lawsuit

If you are looking at a situation where you believe that a member of your family at a nursing home is consistently being abused, you may want to consider working with an attorney. These lawyers will understand how to proceed regarding defending them in their situation. It is so traumatic how the elderly can be abused, and it’s usually something very subtle. However, when they start to have more than a few falls every week, or if they are not getting their medication which is indicated by test results, it’s time to do something about it. Here is what typically happens when you pursue a nursing home lawsuit that can help you defend the dignity of your loved one.

Typical Abuse At Nursing Homes

There are so many things that can happen to senior citizens that are experiencing this type of abuse. One of the worst is an untimely or unexplained death that is written off to be natural. Some of the problems may be very obvious including infected bedsores, pressure ulcers, and of course hurting themselves with unexpected falls. They could also have injuries such as broken bones, head injuries, cuts, sprains, and burns, abrasions and a multitude of other problems that can cause them physical harm.

How To Find A Lawyer To Represent Them

You can find a lawyer that can represent your loved one by searching for nursing home lawsuit information. This will lead you to several lawyers that are currently advertising their services, allowing the public to find them. If they are in the local listings, you will see reviews that are left by people that were very happy with the outcome. There are also businesses that review local businesses, similar to Yelp, or you could simply use that mainstream website to look at what other people are saying. This will give you a list of potential lawyers that you can use that will properly represent them in court. They can also help if this is a wrongful death situation, allowing you to receive compensation for what has happened to this person.

How Do You Proceed Forward?

In the case of abuse, you will need to start documenting the many things that are happening to them. You need to take pictures of the physical bruises, abrasions, and any other injuries that are obvious. If they have broken bones, you will need to get the x-rays to show what has happened. The lawyer will also need, and may also subpoena, the medical documentation that supports your claims that they are being abused. As you can imagine, you will have to take your loved one out of that facility as soon as possible. However, you need also to call a law firm that can represent you right away. By acting on this quickly, you will be able to represent them very easily, helping them and the nightmare that they are facing.

How Long Is It Take To Get through All Of This?

It is likely going to take several months to go through all of these proceedings until you can get to the point where a settlement can be made. It can last much longer than that if criminal charges are brought upon the people that were causing the abuse. At the very least, you will be able to get your loved one out of that situation and into a facility that will provide them with proper care. In the meantime, the legal situation will begin to escalate, and if all of the evidence can be obtained, you should be able to receive a settlement, prosecute people that were causing the abuse, and anything else that the lawyers will be able to achieve.

If you believe that you have a loved one in a nursing care home, and they are being abused by workers that are there, it’s time to remove them from that situation and begin the legal process. As long as you can document all of their injuries with photographs, and also take them to your physician, you should be able to have these people prosecuted. You may also be able to receive some settlement for the pain-and-suffering that your loved one has endured all because you can find a well-known nursing home law lawsuit expert.