Three Ways To Avoid SEO Spam Penalties

Were you aware that you could spam the Internet? In the same way that people can target people with hundreds of emails, you can do the same with the search engines. This was a very large problem over a decade ago before certain algorithms being written. It was possible to create a rank tens of thousands of pages of content that you would not have even written. Those days are over, but it is still possible for the search engines to think that you are gaming their system. There are specific strategies that you should never use or else you could have your current rankings diminish. Here are three ways that you can avoid the possibility of receiving SEO Spam penalties from the search engines.

What Exactly Is SEO Spam?

In the same way that spam that is sent to an email is computer-generated, the same goes for online spam that can be found on websites. As mentioned before, there were services and software programs that could generate thousands of pages of content that would be absolute gibberish, but they could rank very well because of the keywords that were included. Therefore, when you are writing content for your website, or if you are paying someone to do this, it needs to be grammatically correct. It needs to flow in a way that makes sense, and the algorithms are now so good that they can determine if you have scraped the content, or if a human being has methodically written it. Spam content can also include too many outbound links, images, and even videos. Most importantly, you never want to pay a service that is going to generate thousands of backlinks pointing to your website as this is a clear sign that you are creating spam content.

3 Ways To Avoid Potential Spam Penalties

For some people, it is very hard to create content that would be regarded as spam. This is because they are very meticulous in the way that they create their websites, posting only the best content. This is the first way that you can avoid creating spam content. Second, you should only add a single image or video seo, making this look much more natural. Finally, the links that they have pointing to their website should all come from powerful PR websites that are trusted by Google. Using these three simple strategies, you should have no problem at all avoiding a spam content penalty.

Additional Strategies That Can Help

A couple of other strategies that you can use will include getting social media backlinks. However, you need to motivate people to share your posts. If you can get several hundred people to share your information across a social media platform such as Facebook, this will indicate that it is good content. It is recommended that you post this on your Facebook page initially, and then do a PPC campaign targeting people that might be interested. These are the individuals that will be more likely to share your information, and this will help improve your search engine rankings as well.

The key to making sure that you are always creating the best possible content is to write it or have it written as if you are an authority on the topic. This includes every link, image, or video that you add to your website. As long as it is providing quality information, designed to help people that arrive, it will never be regarded as spam. You may also have more than a couple of links pointing to each page, but it is unlikely that you will be penalized for having a couple of extra links. SEO spam is something that is very easy to avoid, and by using these simple suggestions on how to avoid these penalties, you will be able to rank higher in the search engines and generate more targeted visitors that may purchase your products.