Understanding Inspections When Buying Homes Today

When you start to look at many of the different homes in your community that you might want to purchase, you need to understand that inspections are critical. The homes that you purchase must have gone through rigorous inspections to make sure that they can go on sale. Without these inspections, that will hold up the sale of any home because they need to make sure that it is a quality household, one that is not affected by things like dry rot or bug infestations. Here is a quick overview of the different inspections that must happen, and how you can find people that can do this for you.

What Type Of Home Inspections Must Be Done?

Several different types of home inspections must occur. A real estate agent will understand what must be done. The different types that are typically done are inspections for wood destroying pests, ones that are typically done on homes that are in warmer climates. This will test for different insects like termites, and also powder post beetles. During this inspections, they will also look for dry rot. The reason they look for dry rot is that it is a type of fungi that can multiply very quickly, causing the wood to become unstable. Others will include chimney inspections, electrical inspections, and those that are done on the heating and air-conditioning units within the house. They must also check for lead-based paint, and also check the foundation to make sure that it is sturdy before the sale of the property.

How Do You Find These Inspectors?

Inspectors that can do these inspections can be found on the Internet very quickly. You will likely have a couple of different professionals coming out to your house for each type of inspection. Those that check the HVAC systems will be different than those that look for termites. These are different areas of expertise. Other inspectors may include those that look for easements, encroachments, and boundaries, making sure that everything is legal from a building inspector’s perspective. If you cannot find them online, you can always find them in the phone book. Your realtor will also have the phone numbers to these inspectors. They may even help you set these up, calling each inspector for the inspections that must be done.

How Long Will It Take To Do The Inspections?

These inspectors can complete the inspections in just a few hour’s time. The inspection will either pass, or it will fail. If it does fail, then the inspector will recommend certain professionals that can resolve issues that must be taken care of before the sale can go through. It is possible that the inspection can hold up the sale of the property four months until proper repairs are completed. Once done, they will give the green light so that the sale can go through. That’s why it is so important to have these inspections done long before you decide to sell your property.

The inspectors that come out to the property will provide a professional service that is required by your state and county. It is always recommended that you go with a realtor that understands all of this, an individual that can make sure that all of the inspections have been done that are necessary. The last thing you want to have happened is the sale of the property not going through simply because an inspection was forgotten. After this is done, there will likely be no problems at all, leading to the sale of the property.